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  1. Faith: La Family Calderon deeply values faith and sees it as the foundation of their lives. They strive to live in alignment with Christian principles and allow their faith to guide their actions.

  2. Purpose: La Family Calderon believes in living a life of purpose and meaning. They set goals that challenge them to grow and contribute to the greater good, while also finding fulfillment and joy in their pursuits

  3. Service: La Family Calderon understands the importance of using their resources and influence to help others. They are committed to serving those in need, both locally and globally, and see their work as an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world

  4. Family: La Family Calderon cherishes their relationships with each other and sees their family as a gift from God. They strive to cultivate a culture of love, respect, and unity in everything they do.

  5. Love: La Family Calderon believes that love is the cornerstone of their lives. They see love as a powerful force that brings people together, motivates them to serve others, and inspires them to live a life of purpose and meaning.


Our vision is to live passionately as a family promoting and defending our Kingdom identity and culture while recognizing Christ's goodness and love through daily life and serving those in need.


Our mission is to live a natural, personal relationship with God as a fresh Christian family, learning from mistakes, serving on missions, and building a training center to help those in need while breaking away from religiosity and poverty.



  1. Personal Relationship with God: La Family Calderon values a personal relationship with God and seeks to cultivate it daily.

  2. Learning from Mistakes: La Family Calderon recognizes that mistakes are a natural part of life and seeks to learn from them in order to grow and improve.

  3. Mission-oriented: La Family Calderon is committed to serving others through mission work and sees this as a key aspect of their Christian faith.

  4. Transformation: La Family Calderon is dedicated to helping those in need and sees their work as a way to transform lives and break the cycle of poverty.

  5. Kingdom Identity: La Family Calderon values their Kingdom identity and seeks to promote and defend it through their daily lives and interactions with others.

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